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Confession: God's Mercy & Grace in Abundance

Our first YouTube video, hosted by Jocelyne. Explore the origin and importance of the Catholic Sacrament of Confession through a short Bible study, followed by a brief explanation on the nature of sin, and a personal testimony on the power of God's life-changing grace, obtained through the Sacrament.
Don't forget to check out the accompanying handout:
Confession Talk Handout.pdf Confession Talk Handout.pdf
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How to Pray the Rosary

How to pray the Rosary,: printable PDF. Prayers, Mysteries and Scriptural Meditations included.
How To Pray The Rosary.pdf How To Pray The Rosary.pdf
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Piety? Leave it to Mama

Our second YouTube video, hosted by Jocelyne.
This is a recoding of an edited and updated talk that she did for her local Cursillo weekend on Piety. Piety can seem like kind of a stuffy word. When we think of piety, probably what first comes to mind are various forms of false piety. However, piety is an important gift of the Holy Spirit. It means living out our Baptismal call to be priest, prophet and king, following Jesus' example. But how are we to do that? In this talk, Jocelyne suggests (and she's not the first to do so) a quick and sure way to holiness. She has also included a personal testimony, sharing part of what she refers to as her "conversion story.”
Join us in prayer and sacrifice to help end sexual abuse and scandal in the Church!

Truth Tidbits

Short videos addressing various  topics related to the Catholic faith.

#1 - Does God Exist?

Does God exist? Jocelyne thinks so! This short video shares what she believes to be the most compelling argument for the existence of God.