Political Activism

So the ark of the Lord went about the city once a day, and returning into the camp, abode there. And Joshua rising before day, the priests took the ark of the Lord, And seven of them seven trumpets, which are used in the jubilee: and they went before the ark of the Lord walking and sounding the trumpets: and the armed men went before them, and the rest of the common people followed the ark, and they blew the trumpets. And they went round about the city the second day once, and returned into the camp. So they did six days. But the seventh day, rising up early, they went about the city, as it was ordered, seven times.

And when in the seventh going about the priests sounded with the trumpets, Joshua said to all Israel: Shout: for the Lord hath delivered the city to you: 

So all the people making a shout, and the trumpets sounding, when the voice and the sound thundered in the ears of the multitude, the walls forthwith fell down: and every man went up by the place that was over against him: and they took the city.

~Joshua 6:11-15, 16, 20

Faith is first of all a personal adherence of man to God. At the same time, and inseparably, it is a free assent to the whole truth that God has revealed. As personal adherence to God and assent to his truth, Christian faith differs from our faith in any human person. It is right and just to entrust oneself wholly to God and to believe absolutely what he says. It would be futile and false to place such faith in a creature.

~Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 150

Canadians For Conscience

An urgent appeal to all Ontarians has been made by the Bishops of Ontario, Canada. In a letter communicated to parishioners, the Bishops write:
"The Bishops of Ontario are deeply concerned about the protection of conscience rights in our province. We are concerned as well about the vulnerable and those with mental illnesses and the impact that the new [euthanasia and assisted suicide] law will have on them. Our position is that all Canadians should have access to palliative care. When people are dying, we should not kill them. We should care for them, deal with their pain and support them with love." The Bishops urge Canadians to visit this website: "to find out more information about what the legalization of assisted suicide means for healthcare workers and institutions, and the negative impact it could have on the vulnerable. This website will help you write your MPP with your concerns."

Citizen GO

"CitizenGO is community of active citizens who work together, using online petitions and action alerts as a resource, to defend and promote life, family, and liberty. We work to ensure that those in power respect human dignity and individuals’ rights."

right now Canada 

"RightNow exists to nominate and elect pro-life politicians by mobilizing Canadians on the ground level to vote at local nomination meetings, and provide training to volunteers across the country to create effective campaign teams in every riding across Canada. It is only when we have a majority of pro-life politicians in our legislatures, that we’ll see pro-life legislation passed in our country." (Mission Statement, www.itstartsrightnow.ca)

The Canadian Families Alliance (CFA)

The Canadian Families Alliance (CFA) is a grassroots coalition representing about 200,000 Ontarians.
The CFA member groups are as diverse as Ontario itself, consisting of parental rights advocates, cultural and ethnic groups, as well as the full spectrum of religious communities found in Ontario.
We have many members who are non-religious, but oppose the curriculum because they feel it will harm their school age children. We are all bound by a common purpose: to protect Ontario children against sexualization from Kathleen Wynne's age-inappropriate, overly explicit sex-ed program.


Published September 21, 2016: Producers Richard and Stephen Payne answer questions and offer a sneak preview of their new documentary profiling Socialist, Saul Alinsky called: “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

"A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING" Documentary Clips

A playlist of 4 clips from the film, published on Oct 16, 2016: An EWTN documentary, commissioned two years ago, to study the impact of Saul Alinsky's brand of Socialism. Alinsky's ideas have infiltrated, not only the world, but the Catholic Church in particular. You may be able to view the entire documentary on EWTN's live streaming website. Check their programming schedules, as they have played the documentary free several times for viewers. They may decide to play it again in the future.