But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.
-1 Timothy 3:15

andy’S RESOURCE-OF-THE-Month: September 2018

My Resource-of-the-Summer: "This is Satan’s greatest weakness," by Philip Kosloski & "The Mass: The Jewish Passover and Temple Sacrifice Fulfilled," By Charles Hoffman
The Mother-in-Law Has Come a Calling…Unannounced

Hello Catholics. Have you ever had the shocking experience of your mother-in-law, or some significant other, pull into your driveway unannounced, white gloves on, and your home is a warzone? The carpets are dirty, the dishes are piled up to the ceiling, it’s close to noon, you’re still in bed, the kids are parked in front of the TV watching who-knows-what…etc. Well this is what it feels like to be a Catholic Christian right now.

News media outlets (Catholic, secular and the like) are buzzing with sexual scandals that have occurred, and may be still occurring, within the Catholic Church. These scandals involve…you guessed it…the clerical hierarchy. Now bishops, cardinals and, I might add, past and current popes are being implicated in these “scandals” coming to light, at breakneck speed thanks to the internet, and it’s only just begun.

What are Catholic Christians to do and say about all this filth operating within the very church that Christ founded 2000 years ago? Well, I’ve heard many good suggestions of what needs to be done, but the best one that made the most sense to me, came from Pope Francis. He said that we need to pray and do penance for the sins of the shepherds of Christ’s church. That, in a nutshell, was the essence of Our Lady of Fatima’s message to three young children 100 years ago.

Another good suggestion that has come up is that if there was ever a time to faithfully go to Mass every Sunday, that time is now. Now is not the time to run away from the burning building, leaving it to its own devices. Now is the time to band together and fight the raging inferno at the heart of the church…and to do this, we need the grace of the Sacraments to help us.

Now is the time to put an end to this destruction, to pick up the pieces, and rebuild. We need to rebuild on the very foundation that Christ Himself laid 2000 years ago…and of which He Himself is the Cornerstone. It’s the laity, the Catholic laity, that need to set things straight. We need to help our faithful Catholic priests and bishops maintain the flock. God has risen up men and women in the past 2000 years who have helped to restore order in Christ’s church. Saints like Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Teresa of Avila and many, many more have stepped up to the plate in times of great turmoil within the church.

This brings me to the analogy of the mother-in-law arriving unannounced at your doorstep. Should our response be to run around the house in frenzy, trying to cover up the filth? Should we send the kids to their rooms to hide them from the mother-in-law? Or should we come clean and expose the dirt, and the ugly truth of how our house, and God’s house here on earth, has been operating?

I have chosen a well-written article, published by, that has really hit home for me as my Resource-of-the-Month. I believe this article speaks to the root of the problem, a massive, massive household problem that has thus far been operating within Christ’s church, and our church, the Body of Christ. I have also chosen to highlight a six-part article, published by, that will help to remind us why we are Catholic Christians. The links are attached to this commentary for your convenience.

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