The Holy Rosary

"You must recite the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain peace for the world and the end of the war for only she can obtain this."

~Our Lady of Fatima, 1917

"My impression is that the Rosary is of greatest value not only according to the words of Our Lady at Fatima, but according to the effects of the Rosary one sees throughout history. My impression is that Our Lady wanted to give ordinary people, who might not know how to pray, this simple method of getting closer to God."

~Sister Lucia, Visionary of Fatima

In prayer the Holy Spirit unites us to the person of the only Son, in his glorified humanity, through which and in which our filial prayer unites us in the Church with the Mother of Jesus.

Mary gave her consent in faith at the Annunciation and maintained it without hesitation at the foot of the Cross. Ever since, her motherhood has extended to the brothers and sisters of her Son"who still journey on earth surrounded by dangers and difficulties." Jesus, the only mediator, is the way of our prayer; Mary, his mother and ours, is wholly transparent to him: she "shows the way" (hodigitria), and is herself "the Sign" of the way, according to the traditional iconography of East and West.

~Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraphs 2673-2674


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A free, printable resource put together for you by using information obtained at We have ensured that this printable is in an easy-to-understand format. If you would like to learn how to pray the Rosary, or you would like meditations for praying the Scriptural Rosary, this resource is for you!  
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A wonderful resource for those who pray the Rosary or for those who would like to learn. There is lots of great information on this site about the Rosary and about Our Lady's apparition at Fatima. You may also subscribe to their newsletter or join the Rosary confraternity. 

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