***Suggested Age Range - Our suggestion of an age range for which the resources are best suited. This is just a suggestion to help you in your planning.***

Amen Prayer App

Beginning Ash Wednesday, the Church once again unites herself to the mystery of our Lord’s forty days in the desert. Download the free Amen app today and gain access to an extensive library of Catholic prayers and meditations to help you be constant in prayer throughout this Lent. 

Augustine Institute - Lent Bible Conference


Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Saturday, March 5 - A BIBLE CONFERENCE FOR YOUR LENTEN PILGRIMAGE - This Lent, return home to the Father’s house. Register today for this free virtual event on March 5, the first Saturday of Lent, hosted by Dr. Tim Gray and featuring trusted scholars from the Augustine Institute. These talks will help you delve into the riches of the Scriptures and more fruitfully embark upon your Lenten journey.

The Biblical Roots of Ash Wednesday - Dr. Brant Pitre

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Dr. Brant Pitre provides insightful Bible commentaries on his blog. He is one of the best! In this video, Dr. Pitre gives insight into the Biblical foundation for Ash Wednesday, as well as the rationale and purpose of the season of Lent. He addresses questions such as: 
• Why do you we use ashes?
• Why are we asked of the Church to increase our fasting, prayer, and almsgiving during Lent?
• Is Lent just about abstaining from a favorite food, or is there something more to it?


Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult


"In this short video, Fr. Mike explains how prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are the three pillars of a spiritually fruitful Lent. He then challenges us to try new ways to exercise these Lenten practices, sharing several simple strategies for drawing closer to God during this holy season."


If you want to start off your Lent with a reminder of Ash Wednesday’s deeper meaning, listen to Fr. Mike’s heartfelt words in this video.

Abiding Together - Lenten Book Study

Suggested Age Range: Adult Women
The women of the Abiding Together Podcast presented this Lenten Book Study last year (2021). You can enjoy the replay of it by following the link. Here is some more info about it from their website: During Lent, dive into "This Present Paradise" by first-time author Claire Dwyer, a book about the prophetic life of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and her call to holiness for the laity. This study will challenge you with spiritual inspiration and practical wisdom, revealing how to live in union with God right now, during everyday life. There are other book studies to choose from on their website as well!


Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Join Dynamic Catholic for their FREE Best Lent Ever 2022 email program. This year, you can choose from two different options for your Lenten journey!You will receive daily emails with inspirational videos and reflections that will help guide you on an incredible journey toward the-best-version-of-yourself. From Ash Wednesday to Easter, you’ll discover ways to transform your life in forty days.


Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Free daily email reflections: When you sign up, you can choose to receive the reflections in English or Spanish. Bishop Barron will then send you a new lenten Gospel reflection each day during Lent.

Cana90 - A Lenten Challenge for Married Couples (2022)

Best suited for: Married Couples with Children at Home
Mike and Alicia Hernon of the Messy Family Project, have created this Lenten challenge for married couples with young families. Here is the description of Cana90 from their website: This Lent and Easter why not walk on the path of holiness that God has laid out for you already?  Parents and spouses are called to love and sacrifice first within their own homes, so we designed Cana90 to challenge families to become more of who God is calling them to be – communities of life and love.  We will help you choose commitments of prayer, fasting, and mercy that turn your heart towards your family.  Daily emails will keep you focused and inspired. Activities will draw you deeper into relationship with your spouse and children. Let us begin again and seek transformation through prayer, fasting, and mercy for our marriages and our families. Email, digital download, and print version available. Click on the link for more info and to sign up!

Carmelite Online Retreat — Lent 2022

To Live the Mercy of God with the Carmelite Saints

Suggested Age Range: Mature Teens-Adult
We invite you to experience this Lent in a spirit of communion through an online retreat prepared especially for you by the Discalced Carmelite friars of Paris and Austria. Weekly, every Friday of Lent, you will receive an email message with a new point of inspiration for the following week (text and video), along with short texts for daily prayer.
**This retreat is offered in many different languages!**

CarmelCast Season 5 - Book Study

Suggested Age Range: Mature Teens-Adult

Last Lent on CarmelCast, Deacon Pier Giorgio, Br. John-Mary, and Dr. MaryRuth Hackett led a book study of St. Teresa's, The Way of Perfection. Reading between 30 and 40 pages each week during Lent, you can finish and understand one of the most influential books about prayer ever written. St. Teresa of Ávila wrote The Way of Perfection to teach her nuns how to pray. Her writing is paced like a conversation and full of practical wisdom. Listen to the replay this Lentby clicking on the link.

Catholic Answers

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult

The Lenten Apologetics  Daily Email Series 2022

In this daily apologetics series you'll learn: How was Jesus a prophet? What will happen to those who never hear of Jesus?​​​ What is a miracle? How can I join or help someone join the Catholic Church? How did the Church begin? What did the Early Church Fathers believe about the Eucharist? And much, much, more...

Article: Here’s What You Need to Know About Lent

Here is a great article, written by Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers explaining everything you need to know to make the most of your Lent. Learn about the origins of Lent, Lenten practices and more!

The Catholic Gentleman - The Ultimate Lent for Men

Suggested Age Range: Adult Men
Podcast Episode 48: "In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John discuss a great pathway this Lent for men. Formed by many years guiding men in the desert to better understand themselves and grow in their union with Christ, Fr. Innocent Montgomery, C.F.R. shares his wisdom with us for this Lent and beyond. We share in his joy as a Franciscan Friar, hear great stories, and learn why he felt called to write a book for men that guides us through Lent and the Easter Octave."


Suggested Age Range: Families / K-Grade 12
Printable resources. Some available free of charge and some available for purchase. There are some great resources here, including a free, printable Lenten calendar for kids!

Catholic Online School

Daily Readings

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
The Catholic Online School is completely free and faithful. Sign up for the daily Mass reading video lessons this Lent! In this class, you will partake inone Daily Reading lesson for each day of the month including 'Questions for Reflection' with Deacon Keith Fournier. Sign up for Lent!

Lent/Easter Classes & Resources

Suggested Age Range: -All Ages
Stations of the Cross, Living Lent 40-day challenge, classes on all important days of Lent/Easter, etc. There are literally tons of free resources to choose from!

Catholic Sprouts

Free Lenten Countdown & Worksheets for Children 2022

Suggested Age Range: Children (k-Grade 8)
These worksheets help children to: -Understand and celebrate every day of Lent! The calendar has been updated for 2022 and includes all of the feast days that fall within Lent 2022. -Stay engaged with Lent for all 40 days. -Understand that Lent is for them too! -"Check-in” on their Lenten Resolutions to Pray, Fast and Give each day. -Remember to fast on Friday, celebrate on Sundays and fully enter into the events of Holy Week. -Live a Holy Lent this year!


Suggested Age Range: Children (k-Grade 8)
Catholic Sprouts has compiled a list of 40 Lenten activities for families. There are some great ideas here for educational faith-building activities that children will love!


Suggested Age Range: Children (k-Grade 8)
A short (less than 10 mins), daily podcast for children. Listen with your child for Lent. Search for this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Sticher or Youtube. The link to the podcast website is below.

Custodia Terræ Sanctæ - Virtual Way of the Cross

Suggested Age Range: All Ages
Franciscans in the Holy Land - Watch a virtual Way of the Cross for Lent on their social media channels!


Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
"Prepare your heart for the joy of Easter! Fr. Joseph has prepared a series of Lenten meditations to guide us during this solemn season. Sign up includes weekly messages to your inbox beginning on Ash Wednesday and then on each Sunday of Lent and Easter Sunday. In addition, [they] will send you an eBook with these same meditations.

Formed Daily Lenten Reflections

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult

40 Days to Grace and Glory

Info from the FORMED website: This Lent, we invite you to journey with Dr. Tim Gray by signing up for Daily Lenten Reflections. Each day you will receive in your inbox a short video which features Dr. Gray commenting on the daily Mass readings, explaining the Scriptures, and providing you with concrete ideas on how to apply them to your Christian life. Available for free on FORMED.

Spiritual Direction .com

40 Days to Peace 2022

Suggested Age Range: Teens-Adults
Enter your email address here to receive your free printable download of 40 Days to Peace, a Lenten journey written by Dan Burke and Fr. John Bartunek. Have your best Lent ever with this introduction to mental prayer and beautiful Gospel reflections taken from The Better Part!

Lent: A Path to Deeper Peace 2021

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult Women
Webinar replay on demand!

Family Rosary - At the Foot of the Cross

Suggested Age Range: All Ages
Holy Cross Family Ministries is offering free prayer resources each week to inspire your prayer as you and your family journey through this Lenten season. With inspiring ebooks, beautiful Lent calendar, recipes, and much more... you and your family can enjoy a joyful, yet simple, holy season.

Franciscan Media - Lent with Padre Pio

St. Pio of Pietrelcina, or Padre Pio as he's widely known, personified the season of Lent perhaps better than any other saint. In 1918, he had a vision of Jesus. When the vision ended, he had the stigmata in his hands, feet, and side. Yet this holy and humble Capuchin Franciscan understood that earthly pain is temporary; Christ's death meant his salvation―and ours. Your free sign-up includes: daily meditations, prayers, and words of comfort from Padre Pio himself, delivered right to your inbox!

Franciscan University of Steubenville's Lent Resources for Catholics

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Free and faithful resources from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Videos, music playlist, wallpapers for your electronic devices, etc. 

Fulton Sheen Institute - Daily Reflections for Lent 2021

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Daily 1-2 minute reflections for Lent by Fulton J. Sheen.



Suggested Age Range: Mature Teens-Adult
Founded by Catholic evangelist Matthew Leonard, the Science of Sainthood is a series of systematic, beautiful video courses, Scripture, saint reflections, and meditations that lay out - step-by-step - the path to sainthood. It's everything you need to know and instruction on how to do it.

A Simple Guide to Penance and Mortification

A FreeTruth.ca Original Resource!

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Need a refresher on what exactly penance and mortification are, and the difference between the two? We have created this easy-to-follow infographic for you! Download the pdf file free!

Lenten Mission: Renewal Ministries

Suggested Age Range: Mature Teens-Adults
Check out their free booklets and other resources. More info on Lenten resources to follow...

The Fulfillment of All Desire - Lenten Mission 2021

Replay on Demand!


Suggested Age Range: Children (k-Grade 6) 
This PDF booklet was created by a Canadian. It includes daily Lenten reflections or activities (mortification, prayer or other way to grow in virtue) for children. An awesome, free resource for kids!


Loyola Press - Resources for Your Lenten Journey

Lent invites us to turn our minds and hearts back to the God of mercy. Discover inspiring ways to observe the season with these ideas from Loyola Press.

Bookmark the following link for a full selection of Lenten articles, activities, prayers, and videos!

Living Lent Daily Email Series

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Lent presents a wonderful time to explore Scripture in our daily prayer, so reflect each day with the Scripture-based inspiration of Living Lent Daily, an e-mail series. Authors and other friends will share reflections based on Bible verses featured in the Loyola Press 3-Minute Retreats. Each day you’ll receive a message with one of these reflections. The messages also include suggestions for further exploration of Lenten themes through additional online articles and prayers.

HOLY WEEK Resources

Suggested Age Range: Families /All Ages
An excellent list of resources to make your Holy Week extra special, including devotions, 3-Minute Retreats, crafts and activities for families, and articles to read.

Hallow Prayer App - Journey with Jesus #Pray40

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Sign up free for and participate in Hallow's Lenten #pray40 challenge.Pray Every Day this Lent with Jim Caviezel and Jonathan Roumie! Meditate on the 7 last words of Christ this Lent with the two most famous and powerful portrayals of Jesus only on Hallow.


Lenten Adventure

Suggested Age Range: Families / Children Ages 5-12
Holy Heroes provides some great Lenten resources for families. Some are available for purchase. Their Lenten Adventure is a free daily email subscription that includes videos and printable activities.

Institute of Catholic Culture

Suggested Age Range: Adult Learning Opportunities
The Institute of Catholic Culture offers weekly, instructor-led, live learning experiences, over 1000 hours of on demand lectures and courses, and weekly Gospel reflections, all free! Check out some of their offerings for Lent and Easter! You can also browse their extensive library of on-demand lectures and courses!

Mom for All Seasons: 20 Hands-On Lent Activities for Families

Suggested Age Range: Primary-Aged Children
Engage your children in this rich season through hands-on Lent activities. Activities that allow children to see, hear, taste, and touch are the most meaningful, and to be honest, just plain fun for them. At early ages, children learn through play, so if we can make an activity fun for them, they’re much more likely to retain the information presented to them.

Pietra Fitness - Free 14-day Trial Online Studio

Suggested Age Range: All Ages
We love Pietra Fitness, stretching and strengthening exercise featuring Christian prayer and meditation! Strengthen and enrich your body, mind, and soul with the Pietra Fitness' Redeemed Lenten Series in their Online Studio. Complete each class on your time and in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the spiritual benefits of Lenten Scriptures and meditations, along with the physical benefits of the classes! Get ready for your best Lent ever—physically, mentally, and spiritually! Sign up for a free 14-day trial of the Pietra Fitness Online Studio to participate.

Journey Through Lent - ST. PAUL CENTER

Free Video Series with Scott Hahn!

Suggested Age Range: Teen-Adult
Register for the FREE Lenten streaming series, led by Scott Hahn, featuring faith-inspiring talks on Confession, prayer, the Eucharist, and knowing the Gospel. Watch for free beginning Ash Wednesday, March 2. Get to the roots of our faith this Lent—sign up now!

Resurrection Meringue Cookies

A FreeTruth.ca Original Resource!

Suggested Age Range: Children (k-Grade 8)
A fun and educational baking activity for families. Make these before bed on Holy Saturday, leave in a"sealed" oven overnight and wake up to delicious cookies representative of the empty tomb of Jesus! This recipe includes the Bible readings for each step of the process. 

Real Life Catholic - Living Joy

Suggested Age Range: Teens & Adults
Complete this series free this Lent!
More info from the website: God created you for JOY—and he wants that for you here and now! You just have to cooperate with his plan and follow some simple steps. Join us for a new, totally free online video retreat based on the life-changing rules in Chris’ bestselling book, Living Joy. The short, daily video lessons are full of wisdom, experience, and common sense. Sign up today to discover the joy YOU were made for!


Suggested Age Range: All Ages
A list of resources complied by FreeTruth.ca 


Suggested Age Range: All Ages
A great informational webpage about Lent. Topics include: Lent History, Customs, Prayers, FAQ, Traditions, & More


Suggested Age Range: Teen & Adult Women


Women of Grace invites you "to jump-start your Lenten Journey by joining [the] weekly Women of Grace Warrior's Rosary Crusade. When you join, you will be gathering with other Rosary Warriors who will constantly embrace you and your family in prayer. You will also have the opportunity to submit your intentions to the group for their special intercession. And, [they] will regularly send you FREE resources to help you grow in your love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary and the powerful prayer of the Rosary. The live online Rosary Crusade will be EVERY Wednesday at 4PM ET."

Lenten Gracelines 2022 - Learn to Imitate the Saints this Lent

Learn to imitate the saints and their devotion to our Lord this Lent. When you sign up to receive our Lenten Gracelines, you'll receive quotes from one of our beloved saints, reflections to ponder, and images to inspire your prayer life.

Past lenten Programs...


The Lenten Journey with the Saints Gracelines features beautiful reflections from some of the most beloved Catholic saints to help you to prepare for Lent and Easter and to grow closer to Our Lord and His Mother.


The Lenten Journey with Mary program, "In the School of Mary," begins Ash Wednesday and continues every day through Easter. Each day you will receive short inspirational reflections to help you to enter into the desert of Lent, a place of retreat where, like Our Lord, you may be readied for the mission that God has entrusted to you and a deepening awareness of Mary's maternal intercession as your spiritual mother.