Church History

 "And it came to pass, that as he sat at meat in his house, many publicans and sinners sat down together with Jesus and his disciples. For they were many, who also followed him. And the scribes and the Pharisees, seeing that he ate with publicans and sinners, said to his disciples: Why doth your master eat and drink with publicans and sinners? Jesus hearing this, saith to them: They that are well have no need of a physician, but they that are sick. For I came not to call the just, but sinners."

~Mark 2: 15-17

“There are not one hundred people who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

~Fulton J. Sheen

Church History Video Series - Father Hollowell

Andy's Resource-of-the-Month, December 2018
This series covers the basic history of Christ’s established Church, from its inception onward.

The Case For Jesus - Dr. Brant Pitre

YouTube (Approx. 1 Hour):A presentation given by Brant Pitre as part of the Newman Lecture Series at Our Lady of Wisdom Church and Catholic Student Center on the campus of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Based on his book, "The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ" 

Why is this non-Catholic scholar debunking "centuries of anti-Catholic history"?

Transcript of an interview by Carl E. Olson with Dr. Rodney Stark, sociologist and author of "Bearing False Witness." 

The Crusades


Catholic Answers staff respond to callers' questions about the Catholic Crusades.

Patrick Madrid Adresses the topic of the Crusades

Immaculate Heart Radio: Previously recorded audio of Patrick Madrid's radio show addressing the historical truth of the Catholic Crusades.

Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades

This is the video referred to by Patrick Madrid during his radio show addressing the Crusades .